Tyler Stapleton

Director of Congressional Relations


Tyler Stapleton serves as director of congressional relations at FDD Action, and earlier with FDD. Tyler spent eight years working in Congress where he served as a senior advisor on national security, foreign policy, defense, and intelligence for two members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Through his experience advising members of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittees on the Middle East and North Africa along with the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade, Tyler has developed an expertise in enacting foreign policy through congressional action.

While working in Congress, Tyler was influential in drafting and passing dozens of legislative efforts geared towards foreign policy, defense, energy, and terrorism policy. He is an authoritative source on U.S. policy in the Middle East and retains expertise in economic warfare and defense strategy. Tyler received his Professional Military Degree from the U.S. Naval War College. He holds a BA in Political Science and Public Sector Analysis from the University of Rochester.

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